Innovation, lightness and subdued design are the distinguishing features. At the same time compatibility, ergonomics and practicality combined with multitasking constitute a trio taken into account when choosing the first, most important “vehicle” for a newborn family member.


FARO - Fashionable, stylish, unique! Are you looking for a practical, solid baby pram that will be your partner during walks with your baby from the first days of its life?! WE RECOMMEND FARO Modern, functional design of pram FARO perfectly matches current trends. Safety, functionality and quality are undisputed priorities in production strollers in our company.



A pram is one of essential accessories used by parents since the first days of baby's life. It must be well-suited to both baby's needs and the parent's expectations. It has to fulfil its task in changing environment, make walking pleasant and not be an obstacle in dealing with everyday matters. It is also important that baby's vehicle is comfortable for transportation by car during longer journeys


Nothing can stop us from turning our ideas into reality - we were guided by this sentence while creating ZEO pram. Classic colour combinations, simple line and combination of elegance with sport style - those are the three main features that distinguish Zeo among other models

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